Founded in 2008 by Guinean sisters Mariama M. Petrolawicz and Aissata M.B. Camara, There Is No Limit Foundationis a 501(c)3 international nonprofit and Guinean tax-exempt organization. Our mission is to empower individuals and families in the poorest communities to reach their fullest potential and enhanced sense of dignity through economic opportunities and the eradication of barriers including poverty, inequality, and violence.


The Sustainable Development and Entrepreneurship Program promotes the economic independence of ultra-poor individuals, specifically women. We work directly with entrepreneurs, artisans and smallholder farmers to sustainably grow their businesses. Our participants are provided with skills training and interest free business loans. To leverage assets and resources participants are organized into associations working together to improve their livelihoods and communities.


The School Grant Program promotes the education of poor and ultra-poor children mainly girls. We work directly with parents and school administrators to identify the conditions and tools children need to attend and remain in school. Some of our activities include (a) renovating schools, (b) providing school supplies and financial assistance to students in need, (c) reaching out to communities about the importance of education and (d) leveraging stakeholders interests to ensure actions that benefit children (specially girl).


The Life Improvement Program promotes health and sanitation in the poorest communities. We work directly with poor and ultra-poor communities to identify their health and sanitation needs. Some of our activities include building and renovating water access points (i.e. building water wells), building latrines, and identifying safe ways of managing waste.

We encourage open and safe conversations around issues of women and girls safety such as domestic violence, female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) and forced and early marriage. We also work in partnership with local and international organizations to promote maternal and child health. Mothers are provided with health tools and education to ensure safe delivery and continued family health.


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